I’ve been wanting to create a set of blogs and videos for many years, and since it’s taken me awhile, you would be correct in assuming that I am a skilled procrastinator (plus a few other things popped up that were also interesting)! My mind was giving me all sorts of reasons and justifications for not doing the series: I’m not smart enough, they won’t look polished enough, I have nothing helpful to say, no one will watch them, I don’t have enough time to edit what I’ve written – you get the picture. Well, I decided to stop listening to my mind because it clearly wasn’t helping me to do something that really matters to me, which is helping people – people who are struggling and spending far too much time in distress – living a life that is out of balance.

So, I decided to start the series. It’s nothing fancy, I don’t have time to invest hours in editing the blogs or rehearsing the videos. You are getting me, as is, thinking aloud and sharing things that I hope are helpful. Knowing you are reading, watching, and listening, and that this might help you in some way, is a lot more rewarding than just running the thoughts over to myself.

Because I’m starting close to the end of the school year and final exams for those in high school, I’ve started the series off with some musings for parents with stressed teenagers. There’s more to come, including some general blogs and videos about getting started in therapy: who needs therapy, “the snowball effect,” and some common misperceptions about therapy. I’ll be adding more blogs and videos on a regular basis, talking about things people struggle with and some suggestions.

I welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you – there is an option to ask questions or give feedback on my FB page!

Please keep in mind that the information is meant to be ‘general’ and instructive, it may not apply to your individual circumstances and it does not replace therapy.

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Back to School

For many teens, the start of the school year can be a bit like the Staples commercial, you may remember the one where the parent is practically dancing down the aisles while the child is dragging behind looking anything but excited.

Hitting Pause

I’ve talked in previous blogs about the inclination of parents to offer reassurance or go into ‘fix it mode,” when their teen is struggling, and possible reasons for doing so. In my humble opinion, parenting is quite simply, a very challenging job! Unlike...