Meet nick pavlov

Nikolai Pavlov, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

I am a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), ACBS Peer-reviewed ACT trainer and Certified Trauma Professional with over 10 years of experience working with adults. 

I work with people who struggle with the consequences of traumatic experiences, acute stress and a variety of problems that come with immigration, like loss of status, social support, self and professional identity. I help people learn how to deal with their inner critic and develop compassion for themselves and their struggles. My clients tell me that I am a safe and supportive therapist who helps them feel more secure and find contact with resources to live a full and meaningful life.

I help clients increase psychological flexibility and quality of life with evidence-based treatments like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion-focused therapy (CFT). My background also includes long-term training in Gestalt-therapy and Somatic psychotherapy Hakomi and specific trauma treatment training.

I am a member of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science, Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy, Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (USA), International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation. 


Areas of expertise

Shame and Self-loathing

Anxiety and Depression

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Relational Gestalt Therapy

Immigration Stress

Complex Trauma

My work includes

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

International Association of Trauma Professionals

Consultant for a Study

Boston Medical Center

ACT Peer-reviewed trainer

Ontario Association for Contextual Behavioural Science