Meet Dr. Sheri Turrell

Dr. Sheri Turrell, C. Psych

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I work with people whose lives are limited by anxiety and other emotional and situational struggles. Through the integration of many types of therapy, I am able to provide personalized treatment with your unique strengths and needs in mind.
My clients say my warmth, compassion, and authenticity help them express their needs and emotions so they can improve what matters in their lives. I provide an accepting and safe place for children, teens, and adults of all gender and sexual orientations and identity.
People seek out therapy for all sorts of different reasons. Sometimes it’s to manage life challenges or changes, other times, it’s about struggles with thoughts and feelings. My clients say my warmth, compassion and authenticity help them to develop the trusting relationship that is necessary for us to work together so that you can build resiliency, and live a life that is meaningful.

With all the thoughts and feelings that come your way, it’s about putting life in balance.

Areas of expertise


Anxiety and Mood

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy


Disordered Eating


My work includes

Owner and Director

Life in Balance Therapy

Adjunct Lecturer

Department of Psychiatry,
University of Toronto


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,
Department of Psychology

Past Chair

Ontario Association for Contextual Behavioural Science

Faculty Member

Toronto Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis