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We work with people whose lives are limited by anxiety and other emotional and situational struggles.

Integrating many types of therapy, we provide personalized treatment with each person’s unique strengths and needs in mind.

NEW Group Therapy for Teens starts Fall 2019!

Whether you are an adolescent, an adult or a parent, life can get out of balance when stress and mental health struggles take over. In my practice, I offer a wide range of individual or group therapies for teens and adults.


Meet with Sheri one on one, to talk about things that you struggle with, in a safe space to explore things like feelings, relationships and behaviours. This therapy can be goals based or more exploratory, depending on your unique circumstances.

Group Therapy

Offered periodically and involves meeting with Sheri and up to 8 other individuals with similar struggles. Group therapy is often very skills based and is offered for teens and parents.


Book Sheri for workshops in therapy training and consultation services for clinicians. Learn more about Sheri’s publications!

How History Gets In Our Way

Well, it might seem a bit late to post my musings with a photo of a reindeer now that it’s January?! Thing is, I really love the picture and I can’t not use it, so here goes! I spotted this reindeer at McMaster University while I was on a short break during a two-day...


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